RG3’s Texting Buddy’s Curious Tweet During Redskins-Steelers Game



ESPN continued to deify Robert Griffin III on Monday. Perhaps not everyone is a believer.

As you can see from the tweet below, which RG3’s texting pal Meredith Barber posted during the Redskins’ pre-season game against the Steelers on Monday night, she believes the media can brainwash people into viewing someone differently than they actually are.

Was she talking about Griffin? The first reply seems to think so.

Meredith Barber RG3 Brainwash

Despite RG3 not playing a down in the game, the ESPN cameras found the rehabbing Washington Redskins‘ quarterback throughout the (boring) pre-season contest. While Griffin was the biggest attraction, there were other storylines to follow, but they weren’t part of the network’s obvious mission to hype Griffin.

Later on SportsCenter, ESPN aired another of its tear-jerking, kind-hearted “My Wish” segments featuring Griffin and Lateef Brock, 8, of Clifton, Md., who was born with severe bladder dysfunction that necessitated a kidney transplant. The interaction between Brock and Griffin was heart-warming and authentic, but it helped cast an even more positive light on the budding NFL star, while exploring Brock’s struggle.

Throughout the night, there was no shortage of acknowledgement and praise for RG3 and his comeback, which — surprise ! — fans can see more of when ESPN, Gatorade and NFL Films present “RGIII: The Will to Win” next Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. (ET).

ESPN, the NFL and plenty of others clearly have a great deal invested in Griffin’s performance and maintaining his current persona as the Redskins’ savior and league bellwether.

We have yet to see if anyone is willing to invest in the truth.


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