I’m So Jealous Of This Little League World Series Umpire’s Strike 3


This Little League World Series strike three call can’t compare to the 2012 umpire we posted who had the best strike three call ever, but he’s close.

My main reason for loving this LLWS punchout is because it came on national TV and there was a leg kick. We all know that most Little League kids have been turned into giant pussies because Americans wouldn’t dare watch their kids go through failure.

At the LLWS, you’re now guaranteed three games that are on national TV. Remember the days when you lost twice in a double-elimination tourney and your ass was on a bus back to California?

This umpire is obviously old school and doesn’t mind ringing up a kid with the bat on his shoulder. Swing at anything close, kids, or your asses are getting punched in dramatic fashion.

*If you care, California won & is 2-0.

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