Johnny Manziel Returns To Party Scene With Tatted Friends



It seems, if you believe the reports from Saturday night, that Johnny Manziel has returned to being a 20-year-old kid. According to the boots on the ground in Texas, Manziel “partied” Saturday and ran into some of his tatted friends.

@WhAtWouldHOVAdO posted the above photo:

Catching up with a good friend. @JManziel2

Seems innocent enough. Kudos to Johnny for being chill enough to throw his moneymaking-right arm around tatted face dude. Still efforting to see if tatted face guy has a Johnny Manziel autograph tat on his upper lip. That would be a cool look.

Then we have Quinn Cyphers checking in. She’s referencing a hookah bar that seems to be one of Johnny’s favorite stops in College Station.

Seems like all is back to normal & we’re in for one helluva ride for the next four months.

Picture 2

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