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Camp Randall Stadium Became A Huge Movie Theater Last Night

Camp Randall movies

Unlike all the other big-time football schools loading up on facilities for their players, Wisconsin remembered its fans, too. More than 3,000 people got to watch “Remember The Titans” on the new video board at the Badgers’ football field on Thursday night.

The new NFL-level video board at the stadium was included in the school’s $86 million renovation project, which added a new locker room, lounge and weight room for all “students.”

The school used the movie night to debut the stadium renovations. Fans were allowed to stretch blankets on the turf and enjoy Denzel Washington and Will Patton find harmony on the big screen.

Wonder if we’ll be reading stories about a Camp Randall baby boom nine months from now?

[Photo credit: @CallySchumal]

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