Lee Corso Had A Sleepy Summer



Lee Corso turned 78 last week and is busy preparing for yet another year of College Gameday, according to tweets on Wednesday from Chris Fowler (@cbfowler). It seems that the two are filming a commercial for Chevrolet.

We speculated last year, Corso’s 25th year on Gameday, would be his last season on the road with the ESPN crew. But he has a two-year deal for 2013 and 2014. Corso told USA Today last October when the deal was signed that, “I don’t think guys in TV should stay when it’s time to leave. But I hope it’s not time to leave in two years.”

There you go.

He’s all rested up (catching sleep on a July 23 flight via @bwestcc) and ready for the Gameday opener at Georgia-Clemson on August 31. Rumor on the street is that Week 2 is in Ann Arbor for the Notre Dame game. Obviously Week 3 is in College Station for the Alabama game.

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