I’m Confused – Alabama Now Letting Fans Sit At Nick Saban’s Desk?



Hell no I wouldn’t put it past Alabama to have a “Sit at Nick Saban’s Desk Day” for fans to breath the air where college football greatness builds his game plans. Memphis has Graceland; Tuscaloosa has Nick Saban’s office.

From what we can see via Instagrams and Twitpics, at least two fans (possibly students?) sat in Nick’s desk chair this week on some sort of tour. Details are still sketchy, but the photos are definitely from Saban’s office.

You can see the same photo frames in the background of this week’s photos compared to 2012 office photos. Did Saban get a new office and leave this one as a shrine to college football and Alabama’s dominance? We’re still efforting that angle.

Is Alabama selling tickets to sit at Nick Saban’s desk? If so, this is one of the more genius ideas in college football fan experience history.

Here is a wide view of Nick’s office. Look at the photo frames behind the desk and then look above where we have arrows.

Alabama mechanical engineering student @WonderingMindz wrote this week:

Chilling in the office of Nick Saban

And added:

Picture 3

Nick wasn’t the only fan/student getting to sit at Nick’s desk.

Here comes Jenny. Yes, that’s a Staples Easy┬« button.


It looks like fans/students get to wear the infamous practice hat as part of the experience. It’s actually better than Graceland. At Graceland you only get to wear those headphones that tell you all about the Elvis mancave and his famous jungle room.


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