RG3 Used Some Random Virginia Dude’s Pool For Rehab [VIDEO]


Like Robert Griffin III has been telling everyone: his knee is “damn near close to 100 percent.” Part of the reason RG3 is OK is because he used Lee Kestler’s pool this winter and spring.

Who is Lee Kestler? Just some random dude form Leesburg, Va. with a special pool. Kestler got emailed out of the blue once the Redskins realized their star quarterback couldn’t rehab among the masses and stay focused with so many of his fans bothering him.

So, the Redskins asked Kestler if RG3 could use his pool. Kestler’s response:

“Well, I’ll think about it.”

How about this hardo? That pool getting a lot of use these days? He eventually allowed RG3 to use his pool and kept it quiet — he didn’t even tell his kids until weeks later. Then he dropped some Leslie Nieslen from ‘Airplane’ on RG3:

“Listen, we haven’t had a winner for a long time, so Robert, we’re counting on you…”

No pressure, RG3. Just win.

[H/T: WJLA and DC Sports Bog]

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