Margus Hunt’s Girlfriend Heather Myklebust Shines On Hard Knocks



The big news from last night’s episode of Hard Knocks had to be that Bengals defensive end Margus Hunt, an Estonian-born, SMU trained 2nd round pick in this year’s draft has a hot girlfriend.

That’s right, if we gauge media reaction to what was important in episode 2 of ‘Knocks,’ it would be that Hunt’s girlfriend, Heather Myklebust (a Texas A&M grad), surprised him at a team function. Of course the internet reaction was on point.

@gspence1 wrote:

Every cat on that Bengals team gives Margus Hunt big ups after seeing his girlfriend. Word.

@Keip44 countered:

Margus hunt I f**king love ur girlfriend

You get the idea.

Myklebust, whose Twitter account is locked, has an environmental specialist job in the oil and gas industry. It’s unclear if she or Hunt know what it means to be a girlfriend on Hard Knocks. It usually means stardom. Of course we all remember when Lauren Tannehill shot to fame.

Interestingly, Pro Football Talk reported on this hot Hunt girlfriend and had this to say:

Rookie Margus Hunt, a former shot putter from Estonia, got a surprise visit from his girlfriend, who traveled from half a world away to see him. Bengals owner Mike Brown said, “We drafted the Estonian kid, and I worry because, does he have friends?”

Heather is from Texas. You know, half a world away from Ohio.

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