Gronk Already Selling Tampa Party House For $2.4 Million [PHOTOS]

Gronk Already Selling Tampa Party House For .4 Million [PHOTOS]

And just like that, our dreams of Gronk throwing insane house parties at his pad inside a gated Tampa community seem to be over. According to our sources at Realtor.com, Party Boy has listed his 4,700 sq. ft. house that he purchased in 2012.

The asking price is $2,400,000; Gronk bought the place for $1,600,000.

There’s no word why he’s already selling. We reported in February that Gronk’s friends were throwing a Spring Break party without him. Maybe the neighbors are already bitching about the noise.

Is this a sign that the partying is over? Will Gronk leave Florida for the coziness of Buffalo to be around his family? Could this really be the end of what was one of the greatest partying stretches in athlete history?

We’re sorta devastated.

Highlights of Gronk’s House:

• 4 bed, 7 bath

• Very close to all those famous Tampa strip clubs

• Gated community

• You’ll want to bleach that pool

• Actually, you’ll want to bleach the entire house

Asking: $2,400,000

Mortgage: $12,400/mo. before cleaning services & a pool boy

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