Fox2 St. Louis Intern’s Mike Matheny Fail, Luke Scott’s Rat Tail & Goldendoodle Teddie!


morning twitpics

Goddamn interns are still on the job this summer causing stations to get screencapped for their errors. Does that really look like Mike Matheny, you stupid interns? Get your shit together. You have like one more week until school starts.

Pro Football Talk has your Hard Knocks recap. I didn’t watch because, as a Bengals fan, I’m hoping the show curse doesn’t cost the Bungwads a trip to the Super Bowl. Just can’t watch.

It doesn’t sound like backup John Skelton knows the playbook very well.

In college football, yes, I’m aware that Johnny Pageviews is on the cover of Texas Monthly. It’s just another reason Johnny will play this entire season. He’s a money-generating machine that so many people need to play: CBS, ESPN, Texas Monthly, A&M, NCAA, SEC, Cotton Bowl and every school on A&M’s road schedule.

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