Barry Switzer’s Week: Saves Puppy From Hot Van & Ends Up In OU Tri Delt House



Update: Barry was at the Tri Delt house for Bid Day. Yeah, he’s still full of game. Also note his hand isn’t on that Tri Delt’s ass. That’s an umbrella.

What a week for 75-year-old Barry Switzer. Less than 24 hours after it became news that the former Oklahoma and Cowboys head coach saved a puppy from a hot car, Switzer had Oklahoma Tri Delts, young enough to be his granddaughters, in his arms at the OU Tri Delt house.

Why? Not sure.

It looks like there might’ve been some sort of photoshoot/cupcake party going on. When you’re Barry Switzer, things like this just happen during August.

As for the dog Switzer saved, Oklahoma’s KFOR reports:

Switzer said he saw the dog in the vehicle, which had the windows down, but still felt bad for the pup. He took “Sassy” from the vehicle, found the owners and bought the dog from them on the spot. Then he took her to a vet for a complete check up.

“I told the doc. I want rabies shots, check for worms, everything,” Switzer said. “They even clipped the toenails so it was a pedicure for her. She went to the spa.”

Switzer took the Rottweiler home to meet his four-legged crew.

He is now calling the pup “Stella” while he hand-picks the new owners.

[Barry Tri Delt photo via @baniketas]

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