USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe – 2013 [PHOTOS]


How do we know the USC Song Girls are pretty irrelevant to the cheerleading conversation on the internet these days? The ladies did their annual Lake Tahoe USC Weekend performance in late July and the internet didn’t even notice.

These photos from our USC band photographer source have been online since July 27 and we’re just now seeing them. In years past, the girls would’ve gotten wet and been on BC or another site by the time the sun went down on the California waters.

2013 was pretty much the same as the last four to five years we’ve covered the Tahoe event. The girls dance for fans, the band plays, everyone jumps in the water and the Song Girls splash.

The major change this year is that the ladies jumped off a dock together and some bro (who looks a little drunken) with a giant beard was able to photobomb the ladies. See below.