Training Camp Roundup: Giants Fan’s Rack & Steelers WR Catches 5 Balls [PHOTOS]

NFL training camps are more than two weeks into practice. After the second week of pre-season games conclude, coaches will know who they can start targeting for a future visit from the turk. By Aug. 27, all teams must reduce their rosters to a maximum of 75 players on the active list.

New York sports girl Christine Firko, above, stopped by Giants’ camp on Monday.

She might be the best two reasons for you to go. We get that the team doesn’t grant the same access to its fans that other camps allow, but that fence makes it look like a prison yard.

Clean it up, Giants.

What else will you find in the gallery? Chris Berman and a killer rat-tail at Bears camp; Rex Ryan on a camo quad and cheerleaders.