Love It – Laker Girls Dancing At Wedding Reception [VIDEO]


The guys at Deadspin posted early this morning about a recent wedding reception that featured the super horny Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog. You might

remember our reports on how Moondog has made a habit of taking creepy photos with women at Cavs games.

As a guy, you don’t want Moondog grinding on your new wife.

This got me wondering what other sports novelties have been going on at weddings and led me to a video from March where the Laker Girls danced at a reception for Grace & Joe.

As you can see above, it looks like Grace & Joe had a respectable wedding. At what point does someone suggest the Laker Girls dance at the reception? Is this the wife’s gift to her new husband? Is this the husband’s idea and the wife thought it would be fun? Is this a replacement for the groom’s cake?

I’m still trying to figure out how this happens. Do you take money out of the liquor budget to get Laker Girls? Cut back on the honeymoon?

The price to hire the Laker Girls isn’t publicized, but we know it costs $100/hour, per girl to hire the UCLA cheerleaders. So figure at least double that for the Laker Girls.

So do you drop $1,200 or more on Laker Girls or do you spend that money on booze for your guests? This could be the first big question to answer in your marriage.

Have you hired a sports novelty for your wedding reception? Tell us your story.

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