Watch Kelly Hall, Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend, Dance In A Low-Cut Dress [VIDEO]

Just another reason to love Kelly Hall: The girlfriend of Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford danced in an amazing low-cut dress during a local “Dancing With the All-Stars” competition in Detroit for charity earlier this month. Watch her performance above (note Stafford — with the fedora — at the start of the clip.)

Barely clad in her sparkly Lions’ blue dress, Hall shook her her thang and absolutely killed her dance routine with partner Jordan Cowan. If you didn’t already think that Stafford was among the luckiest sumbitches on the planet, this should convince you.

Somehow, Hall’s performance didn’t win the competition. Had to be some serious haters on that judges’ panel. Tigers second baseman Ramon Santiago won the event, which also featured Torii Hunter, Andy Dirks and Anibal Sanchez’s wife, Ana. Proceeds benefited Jack’s Place for Autism Foundation.

[H/T: CBS Detroit via jasonrmcintyre]

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