Keegan Bradley Girlfriend: Jillian Stacey


You guys were crushing us on Monday with Keegan Bradley girlfriend searches after Jillian Stacey appeared at the PGA Championship to congratulate Jason Dufner on his major championship.

What is there to report about Jillian (@JillianStacey1) and Keegan (2013 earnings: $3,136,613)? Not much. It seems like your normal relationship where she looks good in a bikini, drinks some alcohol and they live a pretty nice life thanks to golf earnings.

Jillian Stacey File:

• Bruins, Sox fan

• Packers fan (see below)

• Originally from New England

• Loves golden retrievers

It never fails that you guys are watching CBS on a Sunday night, see a golfer wife or girlfriend and want to see bikini photos. Here you go.