Are The Bills Waterboarding Rookie CB Kip Edwards?


NFL rookie hazing happens every year. And, every year, someone tries to turn it into an I-Team story. Over the weekend, Buffalo Bills rookie cornerback Kip Edwards got taped to a goalpost at St. John Fisher College and had a bucket of ice water poured over his head. Watch the Vine above to see the action.

It’s typical rookie stuff that was recorded and celebrated by everyone involved, including Bills RB Fred Jackson. If Edwards is on the team next year, he’ll be the first one filling the Gatorade bucket.

Of course, WHAM 1180 in Rochester jumped on the *SHOCKING* footage with this headline:

“Rookie Ritual Or Hazing Incident At Bills Camp?”

And then the melodramatic hook:

“Everyone seems to be laughing about it and it looks like it’s all it good fun, but if this happened to your son on his high school team would this be considered hazing?”

Yes, you knuckleheads, if NFL players taped a kid to a goalpost and poured water over his head, it would be abusive hazing. The online comments are worse, because Internet:

“This looks like hazing to me…” with a legal code reference.

“NFL Waterboarding…”

Please. That is not waterboarding, dude. No one carved a pentagram into Edwards’ chest or forced him into a box of his own excrement. It’s some athletic tape and cold water. This is the NFL. He’ll suffer worse abuse.

Yes, that's my real name.
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