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Texans Cheerleader Shelbie Murry Spent Sunday Shooting A Glock [PHOTOS]

Texans cheerleader Shelbie Murry is about to become a star NFL cheerleader because she keeps appearing in photos with guns, horses, golf carts, fishing, Mrs. Claus cheerleader costumes and bikinis.

Take the photo Shelbie posted yesterday on Instagram (ShelbieMurry2011). You see it above.

She captioned it:

Sunday Funday! Guns and steaks!

How hasn’t J.J. Watt married this woman yet? Seriously. She eats red meat, shoots guns, wears short jorts when she shoots guns and likes football.

As an expert in how cheerleaders become stars on the internet, Shelbie is one shooting a Glock in a bikini photo away from being the Kate Upton of cheerleading.

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