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Katherine Webb Blows Kisses To Fans At Rally X Race [PHOTOS]

Katherine Webb isn’t letting the agonizingly long wait for football season keep her away from sports. Embracing her role as the American South’s No. 1 babe, Webb worked the Global Rally X at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday. She teamed with fellow model Jade Brownfield to make the wonderful Instagram video above during the event.

Truth: we have no idea what happens at a Global Rally X. We can tell that there are racing vehicles and hot women; it also seems to be an ideal place to market smokeless tobacco and headache powder.

When last we saw Webb, she was wearing jorts at Alabama Fan Day. In Atlanta, Webb jettisoned the cut-offs for sleek, black high-waisted shorts.

As you can tell in the gallery below, plenty of racing fans wanted a picture of Webb in those shorts.


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