Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Finds Boyfriend Via Ok. State-OU Coin Toss


Imagine you’re an Oklahoma State safety doing your special teams job against Texas Tech that included two blocked punts, including one that you returned for a 30-yard TD. The following week you’re selected to be a team captain against Oklahoma.

That means you, Zack Craig, get to be in on the coin toss. Your helmet is off. TV cameras show your face. Meanwhile, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader named Jordan Daigle is watching the game. And Daigle (@DCC_Jordan), like a guy hunting prey, thought Zack was hot, according to a story in the Tulsa World.

Of course she got on Twitter and found him. They’ve been together ever since. That’s right, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader met her boyfriend via a coin toss.

Her friend looked Craig up on the Internet, found his Twitter and encouraged Daigle to “follow” him on the social-media site. Her response: “That’s so weird. I don’t even know him.”

Eventually, Daigle gave in, and when Craig next checked Twitter he noticed a new follower who claimed to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

He found Daigle’s bio on the Dallas Cowboys website, complete with her Twitter handle. Craig followed her back, and weeks later got up the courage to send her a message.

Oklahoma State lost to Oklahoma, 51-48, but Craig (@zackcraig23) had a girlfriend land in his lap. This guy seems to still be on cloud nine. The lesson here for football players across the country is to play your ass off, make a couple plays on special teams, hope your coach rewards you with coin toss duties and be cute.

The hell with walking in Manziel’s shoes, I’ll jump in Zack Craig’s shoes right this minute.

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[photo credit: X69Twisted]