Bro Allegedly Wears Riley Cooper Jersey To Kenny Chesney Concert

Riley Cooper Jersey at Chesney Show

Just when the whole Riley Cooper racial slur controversy calmed down, country star Kenny Chesney returned to the East Coast for a show at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands on Saturday.

While Cooper was presumably not in attendance, a Twitter user decided to wear a Riley Cooper jersey to the show (allegedly; we haven’t seen pics of him at the show) :

Riley Cooper Jersey

Of course, someone made this happen for him:

Riley Cooper Jersey Picture

Some people may take this guy wearing a Riley Cooper jersey to a Kenny Chesney show as a joke, but others might see it as an invitation to a conflict. We’re not sure this bro is ready for a frank discussion on race relations in America.

If this bro actually made it inside the show, we wonder how he was greeted by Chesney’s fans and/or Chesney himself, who cut Cooper loose during the firestorm after the video of the Eagles’ wide receiver was made public.


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