Erin Andrews & Charissa Thompson Get Leggy For Fox Sports 1 [PHOTOS]

Erin Andrews Charissa Thompson FULL

We’ve been saying it for months: Fox Sports 1 will use female talent to get a leg up on ESPN. The proof started rolling out on Friday.

Photos of Erin Andrews & Charissa Thompson posing for their Fox Sports 1 promo shoot were posted to Twitter. No pantsuits or business causal nonsense here — clingy dresses with above-the-knee hemlines and a serious scoop neckline for EA.

While Fox Sports 1 won’t have Andrews and Thompson bodypainting each other on set each week, the message here is clear: they are the biggest stars. Maybe Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole will grow into the next Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, but for now FS1 is leading with the women.

While both Andrews and Thompson are experienced TV sports personalities whose appeal is based on more than their obvious attractiveness, they’ll need to get the FS1 brand to resonate with sports fans quickly, otherwise fans are just turning back to ESPN.

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