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Shirtless Georgia Football Team Going HAM on Mopeds [VIDEO]

Georgia’s football program is officially losing its shit. In a video posted to Instagram on Friday by starting quarterback Aaron Murray, the Bulldogs are seen riding shirtless on mopeds for a ride around UGA’s Athens campus.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt might be OK with this sort of horseplay, but there’s no way Lord Saban would ever allow it. When you play football at Alabama, you come to work and do your job; there is no time for fun.

See, while the Bulldogs ride around and try to line up fine UGA tail for this weekend, Saban has his team studying Murray’s tendencies and probably drinking tiger blood. Saban is probably projecting holograms of Johnny Manziel at strategic locations around campus, fer chrissake.

This is the difference between the best team in the SEC and everyone else. No mopeds at ‘Bama. Football, football, football.




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