Shirtless College Football Coaches: Odds He’ll Win BCS


I already addressed shirtless NFL quarterbacks and the chances that your QB will win a Super Bowl. Now it’s time to head over to the college ranks to see if there is a correlation between your coach having his shirt off and winning national titles.

We all know without looking that Nick Saban is in normal dad shape. He’s not ripped, but not showing signs of too many bacon, egg & cheese omelets.

Looking at a list of coaches who’ve won the BCS trophy, you don’t see names of fatties. Phil Fulmer won a BCS in 1998 and eventually flamed out (list of BCS champions). In the modern game, the only coach with a BCS and chunk is Les Miles. But it’s not extreme, “Chill the f**k out on the chicken wings,” chunk. It’s not to the disgusting level with his shirt off.

The lesson in all of this is that if your coach is Bret Bielema, you’re not winning a BCS. Facts are facts.

Want your shirtless college coach added to this list? Send his ass in to be scrutinized.

Les’ BCS odds: 20/1

(odds via Vegas Insider)



Gus Malzahn’s BCS odds: So funny!


Kirk’s BCS odds: Ha!


Mark’s BCS Odds – 12/1


Bert’s BCS Odds: 1000/1


Steve’s BCS Odds: 20/1


Dan Mullen’s BCS Odds: 1000/1