NBC Cleveland Intern’s Browns Fail & ESPN Intern’s East Carolina Fail

morning twitpics

The Screencaps are a little late this morning because Mrs. Busted forgot to wake my ass at the normal 6 a.m. I went Belichick on her and refused to comment on where I’ll be drinking beer all weekend because of her error.

How about the first night of the NFL preseason, when fans either think their team is headed to the Super Bowl or are going to be complete shit. Tampa gave up 44 to Baltimore. The Bungwads dropped 34 on the Falcons. Cleveland looked impressive. The Broncos-49ers Super Bowl preview was a 10-6 game.

So much to dissect.

I can report that Browns fans went nuts last night because Bernie Kosar worked the NBC Cleveland broadcast. You should see how many fans ended up on BC to look at Bernie’s porn star daughter. It always happens this time of year.

(Lead image from @gaewsky1)