Ex-Redskins WR & Lingerie Coach Gary Clark Halftime Speech: “You Run Over The Bitch”

And the Lingerie Football League (yes, I know the name changed) has done it again.

That’s two-time Redskins Super Bowl champion wide receiver Gary Clark (1,340 receiving yards in 1991) coaching up his Baltimore Charm during halftime of a recent game.

And Gary isn’t pleased with his offense. You can hear him destroying quarterback Angela Rypien (Mark’s daughter and Gary’s former teammate) and then turning into crazy coach. That’s Angela wearing the “Let’er Rip” eye black, by the way.

Gary obviously doesn’t want to see his players get tackled. EVER. Then comes the line of the year.

“I don’t want to see one person tackle us again. I don’t want to see it…You run over the bitch.”

Home run. We have a viral video. The LFL does it again. The speech worked as the Charm won the game and clinched a playoff berth.

The aforementioned Angela Rypien: