Jadeveon Clowney Autographing Photos In Hotel Room & At Dinner

South Carolina’s athletic department says that these photos showing Jadeveon Clowney signing autographs in a hotel room for a dealer are innocent. In fact, the school says it “has found no evidence of wrongdoing surrounding the signed, and purportedly authenticated, Jadeveon Clowney signatures on eBay.”

So if you believe the school, Clowney just stopped by a guy’s room, signed a few 8X10s, posed with what we assume is a dealer so he could authenticate the autographs and did it because he’s a nice guy and the autographs were going to charity.

The dealer, famouslyunknown, has 100% feedback since starting on eBay in 2000.

We also came across another photo of Clowney signing. This incident, however, looks pretty innocent since he’s autographing what looks to be at least two helmets while his meatballs wait.

[HT: @ChesterKSR]

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