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Dayton Dragons Fan Makes Catch Of The Year, Dives Into Fence


Seriously, look at how far that guy tracks the ball before making the grab at the Reds A-affiliate Dayton (O.) Dragons game. That’s not just catching a casual home run ball, that’s going Griffey Jr. for a $15 ball.

This gem happened early in tonight’s game against Lake County, according to fans who were tweeting that this is a Sportscenter Top 10 nominee.

We’ll go a little further – ESPY nomination for catch of the year. You don’t go face-first into a fence for a home run ball and not get an ESPY nomination. This is America. We respect such effort.

*Sidenote – How about the guy giving the ball to the kid. I’m in tears. Dayton better honor him by letting him throw out a first pitch. Do the right thing, Dragons management.

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