Chipper Jones’ Playboy Girlfriend Reacts To CJ Quitting Twitter


Chipper Jones is holding strong on his declaration this morning that he has quit Twitter. He hasn’t tweeted in seven hours.

“No more twitter for me. Said I’d do it for one year and the time is up. Too much hate and too many trolls. Much love to Braves country! Xo,” his final tweet read.

And just like that, Chipper broke the hearts of the 333,000 followers who wait patiently for CJ to go on drunken rants. It’s one of our guilty pleasures.

There is, however, one person who benefits from CJ’s retirement – his ex-Playboy model girlfriend Taylor Higgins.

@lilgeorgiapeach tweeted:

I’m just as sad as the rest of u tweeps. I’ll miss Chipper on twitter too. Good news for me though, he won’t be on his phone all the time.

But have no fear! My twitter isn’t going anywhere! Even w/all the “stalkers” and haters out don’t scare or intimidate me.

It really is a sad day when we lose a free spirit like Chip. What is this guy going to do all day in a house with a girlfriend with giant fake boobs? I guess they’ll just drink and watch The Sportsman Channel.


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