Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls Still Support A-Rod



There is finally good news for Alex Rodriguez.

Our good friends at Rick’s Cabaret New York (W. 33rd – just down the street from Madison Square Garden) sent word this morning that they conducted a non-scientific poll of 105 girls who performed at the club last night and learned that slightly more than half of them are A-Rod fans who are standing by him, while a few are taking a wait and see attitude, a few are upset with him, and a few had no opinion.

Rick’s reports:

“I believe that we have not heard his side yet, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Elizabeth.

“A lot of the girls here like A-Rod, and it’s not just because baseball players are good tippers–although they usually are, haha!” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Jennifer.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kiara said, “You could say my boob job was ‘performance enhancing.’ Of course, that’s totally legal, so–I don’t know–but I love the Yankees and if A-Rod can help them this year, that’s great. We’ve got a long way to go to make the playoffs.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Harlow, however, is not too happy with #13. “We all love the Yankees and always support the home teams, but let’s face it, A-Rod cheated. And, besides, Derek Jeter is my favorite, anyway.”

Do you guys need more reasons to love this Rick’s club? The girls always give better analysis than ESPN and it’s analysis I actually care about.

Take Rick’s Girl Kiara. She went with the boob job angle. You’re not getting that from Buster Olney. Tim Kurkjian isn’t breaking down performance enhancements in these terms. My mind is absolutely fried from listening to A-Rod news and these girls finally snap me out of this funk.

If you care, A-Rod went 1-4 last night with a K. In other words, he was just the kinda bat the Yankees needed batting cleanup.














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