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MUGSHOT: Royals Fan Arrested For Swimming In Fountain Also Solicited [UPDATING]

What do we know about the woman who went swimming in the K.C. Royals fountain?

According to @afentra from Kansas City’s 96.5 The Buzz, Fountain Lady is now known as Fountain Mom.

• 25

• From Des Moines, Iowa

• Arrested & charged with trespassing, resisting arrest & my favorite SOLICITING

We have a request in with the Kansas City police to get a name for you guys, in case you want to send marriage proposals.

Update: Her name is Jessica McCoy. According to her Google cached Facebook account, Ms. McCoy like the band 40 oz. to Freedom.


Update: It appears she flashed her boobs to Royals fans. :50 mark.

Update: Fox 4 had video of this woman pregaming her fountain swim.



[Fountain photos via]






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