Mormon Basketballers Vs. Black Dudes Video Has To Be Fake, Right?



So I hear this video of Mormon basketball players vs. black dudes has “gone viral” and that makes sense since 535k people have watched it since it was uploaded on Monday.

But this has to be fake, right?

1. Those can’t be the same Mormon missionaries that ride their bikes in my neighborhood. My missionaries wouldn’t be caught with their shirts untucked.

2. The rim is playing into the hands of the white guys. Let’s be honest here, there’s no way these white boys are making those moves on a 10-foot rim. No way.

3. They let the one white kid go LeBron jam at the 1:15 mark.

4. Why is the camera in the grass?

5. Where are the bikes?

6. The uploader doesn’t give any details on where the video was shot.

Until someone brings me proof, there’s no way those are Mormons and there’s no way this is a legit game.

Prove me wrong.

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