Let’s Be Honest, The Peyton & Eli Manning DirecTV Video Sucks

Who thinks Peyton and Eli Manning posing as a boy band would make for a great commercial? DirecTV does.

Well, they were wrong. It’s a very safe, white and boring spot for DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to watch their NFL package on your smartphone and web-enabled devices.

Obviously, the commercial is supposed to be a spoof of boy bands — right down to the F.O.Y.P. (Football On Your Phone) acronym — but the ad is just painful, bordering on unwatchable.

Dick In A Box” was funny — in 2006 — but it’s time has passed. Let it go.

The ultimate insult comes at 2:06: Peyton and Eli Manning drag their father, Archie Manning, into this mess. Poor Archie — as if playing for the Saints and the Oilers wasn’t enough of an embarrassing legacy. Look at him.

Watch Peyton and Eli Manning Fail As Boy Band In The New DirecTV Spot

What’s next: Olivia Manning in a Brazzers film?

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