Let’s Be Honest, The Peyton & Eli Manning DirecTV Video Sucks


Who thinks Peyton and Eli Manning posing as a boy band would make for a great commercial? DirecTV does.

Well, they were wrong. It’s a very safe, white and boring spot for DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to watch their NFL package on your smartphone and web-enabled devices.

Obviously, the commercial is supposed to be a spoof of boy bands — right down to the F.O.Y.P. (Football On Your Phone) acronym — but the ad is just painful, bordering on unwatchable.

Dick In A Box” was funny — in 2006 — but it’s time has passed. Let it go.

The ultimate insult comes at 2:06: Peyton and Eli Manning drag their father, Archie Manning, into this mess. Poor Archie — as if playing for the Saints and the Oilers wasn’t enough of an embarrassing legacy. Look at him.

What’s next: Olivia Manning in a Brazzers film?

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