Are These Kate Upton’s Boobs?


Many of you are still recovering from the great Kate Upton Ass Riddle from Monday, courtesy of an Instagram video posted by Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue editor MJ Day.

We never got a definitive answer if it was Upton’s ass, but we really don’t think anyone complained about having to do the analysis.

Today, MJ Day raised the bar — about a foot-and-a-half, actually — and posted mystery cleavage to Instagram, giving us yet another quandary: are those Kate Upton’s boobs being shaken back and forth in the video above?

They are almost certainly not. …Yet, we can’t be sure. The Web is filled with such trickery. …Maybe they are Kate Upton’s boobs …No, Nope, Definitely not. You know, we should check again.

What do you think?

[H/T: MJ Day]

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