John Clayton Butchers Johnny Manziel To Supplemental Draft Report [VIDEO]


You hear exactly what John Clayton is reporting about Johnny Manziel’s eligibility and how he could get to the NFL.

His words.

The only problem, according NFL insider Albert Breer is that Johnny isn’t even eligible if he wanted to be eligible. Also, there isn’t an August supplemental draft, unless Roger would create one for an ineligible Manziel.

It seems that Clayton was confused on when the supplemental draft was/is held because he references Terrelle Pryor. Yes, Pryor was drafted in the 2011 supplemental draft – in August – because the NFL had been locked out.

Oops. Not a good look for Clayton.

Albert Breer reports:

This Is Johnny Manziel’s Manager – Uncle Nate
This Is Johnny Manziel’s Manager – Uncle Nate
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