Did Drake Give Johnny Manziel A Free T-Shirt? Secondary Violation?



Johnny Manziel is under fire for this autograph nonsense, so what does Johnny Football do? He hangs with Drake at OVO Fest in Toronto giving zero shits.

OVO Fest’s two-day musical lineup was scheduled to start Sunday at the Molson Amphitheatre, but a vocal injury to Frank Ocean moved the whole show to Monday. (We know, you don’t care.) Manziel arrived last week, hung out with Brandon Jennings and, as you can see in the photo above, chilled with Drake at the OVO Bounce basketball tournament. Note the black OVO Fest shirt over Drake’s shoulder.

Now, check out Johnny Football in pics posted to Twitter and Instagram on Sunday:


Hmmm. Did Johnny Manziel get a free shirt from Drake?


OMG! Somebody activate Rovell and the OTL team! Suspend him!… Whatever. Look, we have no idea about the NCAA rules, but Manziel might actually be helping redefine the boundaries of what amateur athletes can do.

Either way, he really doesn’t seem to care about any of it. Once he gets through this crap, we can get back to Johnny Football pics like this:

Johnny Manziel OVO Fest

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