J.B. Shuck’s Incredible Catch Robbed Jose Bautista Of A Home Run [VIDEO]


J.B. Shuck may have made the Major League Baseball catch of the year in Anaheim on Friday night. We know, we know — every asshole with a blog exaggerates how good a catch actually is. Trust us on this one.

Angels’ left fielder Shuck leaped above — and over – the short left field fence at Angels Stadium of Anaheim to rob Toronto’s Jose Bautista of a home run in the fourth inning of his team’s game against the Blue Jays.

Watch the video above to see one of the most spectacular plays you’ll ever witness any level of baseball.

Bonus points for the dickhurt expression on Joey Bats’ face.

Jose Bautista U Mad

U mad, Bats?

The Blue Jays led the Angels, 5-4, after six innings.

[H/T: MLB.com]

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