1993 Philadelphia Phillies Scouting Reports — ‘Hard Nose’ & ‘Ulcer Making’


1993 Phillies
The 1993 Philadelphia Phillies may be among Major League Baseball’s most beloved teams never to win a World Series. The collection of malcontents inexplicably captured the 1993 National League East title and gave the franchise its only winning season between 1987 through 2000.

Some of the ’93 Phils had a reunion Friday night at Citizens Bank Park to mark the team’s 20th anniversary and acknowledge Curt Schilling’s induction to the team’s Wall-of-Fame. They also welcomed the arrival of former teammate Darren Daulton, who is battling brain cancer.

Daulton’s entrance to greet his former teammates was clearly the emotional highlight of Friday’s ceremonies, but even when “Dutch” wasn’t facing his current significant adversity, he was always the leader of a team stocked with characters, including current Phils GM Ruben Amaro and current Phils broadcast analyst Larry Andersen.

Perhaps the most telling description of the ’93 Phillies came from late former Philadelphia A’s pitcher-turned Royals scout Tom Ferrick. In his detailed scouting reports on the ’93 Phillies, Ferrick listed the following players as “winning types”: Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, John Kruk, Jim Eisenreich, Dave Hollins, Pete Incaviglia, Kevin Stocker, Mickey Morandini, Milt Thompson and Mariano Duncan.

While many of Ferrick’s notes are the antithesis of the modern, stats-driven approach to player evaluation and roster composition, the 1993 team was very much in line with then-unappreciated metrics like On-Base Percentage and WAR.

You can see the most notable comments from Ferrick’s reports in the text below.

C — Darren Daulton “a leader type”
1B — John Kruk “plays hurt” “testicular cancer”
2B — Mickey Morandini “good competitor”
SS — Kevin Stocker “a winner”
3B — Dave Hollins “good makeup”
RF — Jim Eisenreich “good hustler”
CF — Lenny Dykstra “hard nose”
LF — Pete Incaviglia “good RBI man vs. mediocre pitching”

SP — Curt Schilling “big strong”
RP — Mitch Williams “each outing is an adventure” “ulcer making” “strong stomach to watch him perform”

See the original reports in the gallery below.

(Photo Credit: @Phillies)

[H/T: baseballhall.org]

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