Redskins Want Training Camp Field Dried, Helicopter Called In [VINE]


If you’re a billion dollar NFL franchise and you selected Richmond, Virginia for your new training camp location, how do you get fields dried this morning after heavy rain on Thursday? You ask the city of Richmond what they can do to get the fields dried, reports Mike Jones (@MikeJonesWaPo)

of the Washington Post.

You see that helicopter? It’s not bringing in a ceremonial game ball.

According to Jones:

Early Friday morning, Redskins senior vice president of operations Lon Rosenberg inspected the fields at the facility and found extremely soggy surfaces. He placed a call to Richmond official Jane Ferrara for some help.

You know what that means.

A Richmond official placed a call and things got done. It’s amazing what happens when a city government wants something to go smoothly.

Fifteen minutes after getting the call, Baldwin, the president of HeloAir, had a chopper in the air.

The company met the request for no charge.

Wait, the taxpayers weren’t on the hook for drying the Redskins practice field? WIN!