New Alabama FB Facility Has Arcade, Cooking Lessons & Anti-Gravity Treadmill [VIDEO]

Alabama coach Nick Saban is always prepared. If the future “College Football Playoff” system decides to settle ties via Madden 2025 or use the moon as a neutral site, the Crimson Tide will be ready.

Fresh off the news of Oregon’s new first-rate football facility earlier this week, the Crimson Tide gave tours of their football team’s new digs, which include a captains’ lounge with arcade games, a nutrition center where players will receive cooking lessons and a gym with an anti-gravity treadmill.

The video above just reveals some of the perks the Alabama football players will get at their new facility. More videos here.

The treadmill will allow ‘Bama players to rehabilitate injuries to their lower bodies without having to wait until they are able to put full weight on their legs.

It will also come in handy in case the Tide ever schedules a game against some Vulcans (and we don’t mean California, Pa.). Watch the anti-gravity treadmill in action in the video below.