Ryan Kerrigan Killing It As The Sun In Window Commercial [VIDEO]


Ryan Kerrigan is a budding star. Forget about punishing his body as a linebacker for the Redskins, Kerrigan is a friggin’ thespian prodigy!

Need proof? Check out his work as ‘The Sun’ in the commercial above, brought to our attention by the DC Sports Bog. No joke, Kerrigan really does have fun with the role. His teammates loved it, too.

No way RG3 or Mike Shanahan pulls this gig off. Those guys are just too straight-laced. Kerrigan demonstrates that not every NFL player takes himself too seriously.

Maybe he can give Colin Kaepernick some lessons in this off-season?

The new ad spot for Thompson Creek Window Company debuted online on Thursday. It is expected to get significant placement on CSN Washington.

Yes, that's my real name.
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