Watch Roy Hibbert Dunk & Block Shots Wearing Google Glass [VIDEO]


Roy Hibbert is already hard at work this off-season after his Pacers came up short against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals. Hibbert is also following the lead of Raiders’ punter Chris Kluwe and using Google Glass to record his workouts.

Hibbert’s Google Glass video, released today and embedded above, shows what it’s like to be a 7-footer who can dunk, block shots, make jumpers and rebound. Hibbert’s Google Glass footage is more unique than Kluwe’s, if for no other reason than anyone can punt or kick (albeit not at an NFL level); not everyone can dunk or be 7′ tall.

Too bad Hibbert wasn’t wearing Google Glass when Pacers’ coach Frank Vogel sat him at the end of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals in May or when he caught that girl going to the bathroom in the street.

You can see this P-o-V trend is going nowhere good for pro athletes, right?


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