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How Bad Are Colin Kaepernick’s Acting Skills In This New Yahoo! Ad? [VIDEO]

Colin Kaepernick may not want to count on a post-NFL career in acting or broadcast journalism. The 49ers’ budding star quarterback is featured in a new ad for Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. His delivery is as awkward as wearing a Dolphins’ hat while a member of the Niners. Watch the painful results in the video above.

Christ. Rocky Balboa showed better acting skills in “Rocky II.”

Sweet turtle, though. Totally saves the spot.

As a handsome, ripped young QB of a Super Bowl contender, Kaepernick is a natural magnet for advertising opportunities. Some director better teach him the don’t-just-read option for his next commercial spot, otherwise he’s going to be judging Hooters bikini contests after his playing days are over.


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