British Playboy Model April Summers On Hairbras & Favorite NFL Team

Playboy and British lad mag model April Summers cannot believe what is happening right now in the UK magazine world. There is a push underway by government officials to require lad magazines to be sold in “modesty bags” and she’s steaming over such censorship. The most followed British Google+ personality isn’t happy about such a plan.

“I think it’s absurd they are trying ban them and prevent them being sold all together,” April tells us. “On the other hand I can see the other sides point of view regarding the front covers with too much on show being displayed near the reach of children.”

Summers tells us that she’s working on her acting career and is ready to make a big career move into the United States.

By the way, she doesn’t have a favorite NFL team so go win her over – @april_summerz.

Photos by Scott Curtis. Julia Underwood and Benjamin Lycett

I read that you’re kinda a big deal on Google+. What’s the best part of being the most followed British personality on Google+?

Its great having large audience to showcase my work too,I really love the fact that my following is not just in the UK but all over the world including a large portion of America.

It’s no secret that athletes are notorious in their pursuit of Playboy models. What athletes have been hitting on you lately? Any American football players?

I love to support my English football team but I don’t really like to hang around with footballers over here to be honest. However it would be fun to meet some of the American Football players as it’s completely different culturally to what you guys call soccer.

I know you’re British and all, but I’m sure you’ve heard of quarterback Tim Tebow. He’s famous for being a 25-year-old virgin. What’s wrong with this guy?

I’m sure he has all the right reasons and good on him if he’s waiting for the right person.

Help me settle a debate here in the office. Better bra: Hair bra, elbow bra or hand bra?

Haha that’s a odd question I suppose it would have be a hair bra.

I heard that you want to raise your profile in the U.S. A very good way to do that is to become a fan of an NFL football team. What team are you choosing?

From what I’ve see there seems to be quite a few strong football teams, I would have to be living out there for bit to watch more games to be able to follow one team closely as over here in the UK other than the Superbowl there is not much coverage.

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