Even Chipotle Workers Won’t Leave Johnny Manziel Alone


Walk a day in Johnny Manziel’s shoes. Some days would be filled with chugging booze like the world is ending and others would be spent having the dude taking out the trash at Chipotle taking photos of you.

Take yesterday.

@immikegrado, 17, was working at his new job, his first job, at Chipotle and couldn’t believe his eyes when Johnny Pageviews was working on a burrito. (No word if he went bowl.)

Mike couldn’t let this opportunity slip away because you never know if Pageviews will stop at your Chipotle again.

“Can I get a photo after you polish off that burrito?”

Just another day in Pageviews’ shoes.

*If you haven’t read the Wright Thompson profile of Manziel and his family life, please do.