Fox Sports Girl Of The Week: Morgan


Fox Sports Girl of the Week Morgan is the newest addition to the Fox Sports South team. This recent Kennesaw State graduate says her new job is going smoothly.

“Everyone at FOX Sports has been so welcoming and made me feel right at home! The fans have been incredible as well, and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead,” she said.

And she walks right into the Braves holding a 9-game lead on the Nationals and looking like a legitimate contender to win the N.L. pennant.

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Who is your favorite athlete? 

When you think of the Braves, you think of Chipper Jones! Someone who has that much passion and love of the sport is truly a favorite of mine. I grew up watching him grow as an athlete – whether I was going to the ballparks or watching him on TV. I love my Braves, and I have so much admiration for Chipper!

What is your favorite sports memory? 

Watching the legend himself, Michael Jordan, play the Hawks right here in Atlanta during his last season with the Chicago Bulls. Also, placing first in the GHSA (Georgia High School Association) state track meet in both the 400 and 800-meter during my senior year was such a humbling experience that I’ll never forget.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why? 

Track and field – hands down! I have been running competitively ever since I was a little girl and continued to do so even in college. Running professionally in the Olympics for Team USA would be amazing! I still get chills when I watch the track and field events.

What’s your earliest memory of being a Braves fan? 

I’ll never forget the times when my parents took my sister and me to the Ted on Sunday afternoons to root on our Bravos! The memory that sticks out the most was when I taught my little sister (who is 19 months younger than me) how to do the Tomahawk Chop. It was seriously the cutest thing! My parents still have it on video.

What Braves player should we be following on Twitter? Why?  

Freddie Freeman – @FreddieFreeman5.  He is always so thankful for his fans and grateful for everything that he earns. It was incredible to see all of the support that he received just recently in making it to the All-Star Game!

I’ve been on a crazy diet that I’d like to end at Turner Field. What should I eat at the park to end this nonsense? 

It official: Turner Field now has a Waffle House. And if you’re asking me, I order the All-Star special…just seems fitting! You can’t beat those waffles, they are delish. J

You’re new to the Fox Sports Girl community.Were there any initiation processes? Has there been any rookie hazing?

Not at all! Everyone at FOX Sports has been so welcoming and made me feel right at home! The fans have been incredible as well, and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

Favorite Upton: BJ or Justin?

Both are incredible! I could never choose between the two of them because when #2 and #8 are in the outfield together, they make a PERFECT 10 ;-).

John Smoltz is nearly bald, but is hanging onto just a few hairs here and there. Should men shave it all off or hold on to the remaining hair as long as possible?  

Aw, I think it’s up to the man! But in my opinion, the hair doesn’t make the man, the man makes the hair! You’ve got to own it either way, and I think it’s attractive when a man is confident in who he is.

What would mean more to Atlanta sports fans right now: A World Series ring or a Super Bowl trophy? Why? 

I think the fans would love either, but I believe that we are going to accomplish BOTH this year. This is our year, and I have FULL confidence in both our Braves and our Falcons.