Redskins Fans Still Bugging RG3’s Text Buddy Meredith Barber


meredith-barber-rg3 FEAT

You remember Meredith Barber? Sure you do. Redskins fans do, too. They haven’t stopped bothering RG3’s favorite waitress/wedding day text buddy since training camp started.

As you can see in the exchange below, while Mere was going through her Sunday plans, stating “I do whatever I want to do,” some wise-ass thought he should suggest she’d “do” RG3.


Sigh… You know, no one has ever said that.

The Twitter storm blew over pretty quickly, and Barber spent the rest of the evening being a normal college-age girl doing silly things and posting pics of them and debating the finer points of doing or not doing porn.

Redskins fans are so blinded by hope that they are cheering RG3’s slides in practice, while Cowboys fans are roaming through the ‘Skins camp in Richmond unchecked.

HTTR, indeed.

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