Greg Oden Caught Eyeballing Prey In Vegas Pool




What was Greg Oden up to this weekend? Oh, just a trip to Vegas to clear his mind now that NBA teams are chasing his ass for the 2013-14 season. How can you blame the guy? Just last week, he was having lunch with Eric Spolestra at a restaurant that some say was a Chili’s.

ESPN says Greg is close to making a decision on whether he’ll play for the Heat, Spurs or Pelicans. The Heat don’t have much money to burn (could offer league minimum of $1 million), but the Oden-LeBron-Ohio connection is legit and would make the most sense for a 7-footer wouldn’t feel pressure in Miami.

Whew. Head spinning.

You know what that means, right? No great decisions in life have been made without going to Vegas and hanging in a Palazzo pool.

See tweet above…



The guy can’t even enjoy the shallow end.



(via @Bukujian)

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