Dude, Seriously? Johnny Manziel Drinking A Keystone Light



Not news: Johnny Manziel went partying in Austin this weekend.

News: He drank Keystone Light (via ‏@CurryShoff).

Look, Johnny is 20 and 20 year olds drink beer, even when he’s a Heisman Trophy winners with a giant bullseye on his back. Don’t care one bit.

Johnny drinking beer, tweeting like an arrogant rich kid with parents who inherited oil money and being a 20 year old is very, very good for our business so we encourage such behavior.

What we can’t get over, however, is Johnny working on a Keystone Light. No good, homie.

If you’re a rich, with parents who buy you front row seats to NBA games and drive a Mercedes, at least upgrade to a Lone Star.

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