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Johnny Manziel Nearly Hit By Beer Can Leaving University of Texas Frat [VIDEO]

Johnny Manziel attended a fraternity party at the University of Texas on Friday night, because of course he did. The Longhorns present were about as welcoming as you’d expect:

Someone dumped something on Manziel’s head, and then he left with a visibly soaked shirt as some party-goers chided him : “Get the fuck out.” You can see Manziel’s exit in the video above. Watch the partially full beer can nearly peg him at :02.

Hard to tell it’s Manziel? It is, but Burnt Orange Nation has another pic of him in the same outfit from last night.

Maybe the Texas fraternity was just upset at Manziel’s choice of beer: Keystone Light. We’ve seen arguments start over less.

[H/T: Burnt Orange Nation]

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